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Learn to stay focused and build products and services your customers actually love.

Building features that your customers will love may sound easy, but when you have all these great ideas, how do you determine which ones to focus on? How do you know they’ll care about what you have to offer? And how do you get your team on board with your ideas? In our Strategic Roadmap Workshop, we will come up with plans to contend with your specific challenges that you can put into action right away.

You’ll get a recording of our conference call, a list of actionable items, and a follow up email to check up on your progress.

Select a time slot that works for you using the schedule or email me for details.

I was always impressed by the breadth of knowledge and research methodologies Abeiene brought to each research problem set out by our teams. And she was always a personal ally in getting the rest of the organization on board with design thinking and research.

Anyone would be very lucky to have Abeiene on their team.
— Hussain Dhanani, Product Manager @ Bench


Gain a competitive edge with research.

Do you continue to guess your customer base, create one-off features to please single customer requests, or find it difficult to acquire and retain new customers?

Guessing and making assumptions on what your customers want wastes precious development time and money.

This package is for you if you’re tired of:

  • Building one off features for single customer complaints
  • Guessing which backlog items to build
  • Not being able to understand how your product and/or service benefits your existing and future customers

In this package, I’ll create and conduct a custom user research plan to help you understand how your customers currently view your product, and give you actionable recommendations you can use immediately to improve your customer experience, as well as a complimentary strategy call.

Pricing is available on request.  Email me for details or schedule a free 15 minute consultation to get a better sense of how we could work together.


How to validate your feature

Have you already done the research and prioritized which product(s) to test before building?

Learn how to quickly and effectively validate your feature or product without investing too much time and effort.

I will create a workable prototype that you can test with your potential and/or current customers, and then provide an actionable report that you and your team can quickly act on.

Pricing is available on request.  Email me for details or schedule a free 15 minute consultation to get a better sense of how we could work together.

Abeiene has taught our team at Mobify a lot.

On a typical project, our team would approach Abeiene for help getting user feedback. She would come in as the expert to determine the best way to test, the number of participants needed and how to phrase each question to avoid getting biased results. She would always explain the reasoning and methodology behind her test plans to the team, which I found really valuable because it has enabled us to run future tests on our own.
— Ashley Thomas, Product Manager @ Mobify


High-impact ideas with your customers

Does it feel like you’ve exhausted all your ideas? Are you and your team disagreeing on which direction to go? Are you trying to figure out future use cases for your product?

In this package, I will build and facilitate a custom workshop plan where you and your customers can co-create many high-impact ideas together. This hands-on workshop allows you to build meaningful products that have your customers' best interests in mind.

Pricing is available on request.  Email me for details or schedule a free 15 minute consultation to see how I would create a custom workshop that fits your needs.

Abeiene’s demeanour and friendliness made clients very comfortable. As a team member she took pride in being part of her teams’ process and was always honest and fair in her communication with everyone.

Abeiene is probably the best group moderator I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She keeps the conversation focussed and on track. She has an amazing ability to balance out the louder and quieter voices in a room to ensure all opinions are considered and equally weighted.

I would highly recommend hiring Abeiene. She would be a great addition to any team/company.
— Niamh Cunnigham, Product Manager @ VC Labs