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Stuck on a problem and don't know how to fix it? Sometimes, all you need is someone to talk to in order to uncover the elements blocking your progress, and offer solutions.  

Book a free 15 minute consultation to help remove potential blocks that are preventing you from moving forward with your social impact initiatives.

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The following service packages are offered to meet your unique social impact needs and help you stay relevant with your customers. However, if you don't find a package that suits your current challenge, email me to discuss a custom project.

Simplify complex strategies into a high-impact solution

Building features that your customers will love may sound easy but when you have all these great ideas, how do you determine which ones to focus on?

Learn how to plan and create strategies that can be put into action right away.


Do you continue to guess your customer base, create one-off features to please single customer requests, or find it difficult to acquire and retain new customers?

Guessing and making assumptions on what your customers want wastes precious development time and money.

Find out how a custom research plan can give you a competitive edge.

Prototype & Validate Your social impact initiative

Have you already done the research and prioritized which product(s) to test before building?

Learn how to quickly and effectively validate your feature or product without investing too much time and effort.

Innovate and co-create with your customers Through a Workshop

Are you looking to further develop an existing idea, but don't know which steps to take? Are you creating a new initiative but unsure if it will resonate with your customers? Or, maybe you have a great initiative but your team isn't on board?

Learn how to co-create with your customers and generate high-impact ideas that have their interests in mind.



What it's Like to Work with Me

Abeiene excels at helping others think creatively and effectively engages stakeholders in the design process.

Abeiene was responsible for bringing collaborative design processes to our company particularly design charettes and early product concept validation.
— Lindsay Rothman - Senior Product Manager @ Freshbooks

Abeiene is an atomic bomb of design energy.

I dare you, really, I just dare you to bring her onto your team. If you do, design energy will explode everywhere and your team of brilliant developers will be infused with an eye for detail and a passion to apply design thinking and methodology to every problem they solve.

She helped get our whole team conversant in a great, user-centric approach to design philosophy that we still lean on to this day.

Abeiene is both passionate and knowledgeable about her field and that comes across in the quality of work she produces. Not only is she able to get to the heart of goals and motivations for both users and businesses but she is able to present her findings in a way that allows every member of the team to understand the outcomes and how to use them.

This combined with an ability to make her work interesting and fun makes it so the entire organization has a keener interest in design thinking and user research.

I will always look to work with Abeiene in all my future endeavours.
— Jordan Girman, Director of User Experience at Mobify


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